Adoption Contract

This contract is made on ______________, ______ between Suzanne Wise, L.F.R.A. and __________________________ the adopter.  By signing below the adopter acknowledges receipt from Suzanne Wise, L.F.R.A., a cat/dog described as ______________, a M/F _____________.  In addition. I acknowledge that I am 18 years or older and agree to be bound by and to comply with the following terms and conditions:

______ Initial    I understand this is a special needs pet who has or has had special needs in past and may require special care and understanding. This information has been relayed to me for what needs my chosen pet may have.

______ Initial     I agree that the animal is to be kept and used solely as a pet and I agree to provide proper and sufficient food, water, shelter and kind treatment for the animal at all times.

_____ Initial    I will have the animal immunized and examined annually by a veterinarian at my expense.

_____ Initial    I will not sell, abandon or allow the animal to be used for purposes of vivisection, experimentation, dog fighting or any criminal activity that abuses, neglects or injures this animal.

_____ Initial    I will not permit the animal to run at large or to become a public nuisance.  I will keep a means of identification on the animal at all times, and will immediately retrieve the animal from any public or private shelter when notified that the animal is being at any such location.  In the event the animal becomes lost, I will make every reasonable effort and attempt to locate and claim the animal.

_____ Initial    I agree that this animal will not be declawed.

_____ Initial    I am aware that L.F.R.A. reserves the right to have a home visit before and/or after adoption to assure that the animal is in a happy, safe environment.  I am aware that L.F.R.A. has the right to remove this animal at any time that they are made aware of irresponsible treatment of this animal.

_____ Initial   I agree to contact L.F.R.A. within one week of the adoption with a progress report on how the animal is adapting.  I also understand L.F.R.A. is always available for answering questions or concerns about my new pet.

_____ Initial  If I return the animal to L.F.R.A. for any reason, I will at no time assert any claim, charge or demand of any kind or nature against L.F.R.A. for any charges which may have been incurred by me, including veterinarian fees, in connection with the animal.

_____ Initial  I understand that the information provided to me about the animal that I am adopting may have been received by L.F.R.A. from third parties and that L.F.R.A. does not warrant the accuracy or correctness of such information.

_____ Initial   I understand that L.F.R.A. receives animals from various locations, and from various situations, and I also understand that these animals come in varying degrees of health, and that L.F.R.A. can not and does not guarantee the health of this animal.

_____ Initial  L.F.R.A. will accept back any animal adopted from them at any time.  No animal from L.F.R.A. will ever be turned in to a shelter.  I agree that if for any reason and at any point I am unable to provide a home for this animal, I will return it to L.F.R.A.

____ Initial    I understand that animals can be unpredictable and L.F.R.A. can not anticipate or insure against unexpected conduct of animals adopted from L.F.R.A.  I acknowledge that L.F.R.A. has not made any guarantees regarding the future condition, temperament, or conduct of this animal.  I hereby accept the animal as is, assume all risks and responsibilities associated with ownership of the animal, including bites and scratches, and I hereby fully and completely release indemnify and hold harmless L.F.R.A. from any claim, cause of action or liability of any sort or nature, whether known or unknown, directly arising out of our connection with the adoption, care, or ownership, maintenance, retention, temperament, conduct or condition of the animal.




Printed Name



Printed Name

Congratulations on your new family member! Thank you for helping save lives by adopting a rescue animal!

Pets Name: _________________________

ID # ______________________________

Description: _____________________________________________

Special Care Notes and Instructions: ______________________________

















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