I can’t tell you where it began, my love of animals. I feel like I was born with it because it’s always been a very strong part of me.  Growing up in a household with my aunt who worked at a veterinarian office just added to it.  Often she brought home an injured wild bird, baby rabbits, and cats and dogs who required special care. I always gladly pitched in and I absolutely loved it and felt most comfortable in caring for them.

Through my life I have come to realize that for whatever reason, my paths always end up leading me towards another animal that just needs a little time and special attention. I imagine I could have listened to the ones who said to just pack them up and take them to shelter, turn a blind eye, let them be some other persons problem.  I tried, I truly tried to please those people just to keep the peace, but they did not realize I did not find peace with it and still don’t.  Those moments I didn’t pause, I didn’t help, I didn’t try still haunt me even many, many years later.  I have come to accept I can’t do that, it is not how I was made.

It was through this acceptance of a very key element of myself, along with the seeing of need for someone to take just that little bit of extra time, that little bit of pause, to offer that little bit of help that the decision to form L.F.R.A. as an  Special Needs Animal Rescue/Rehab was taken.

I don’t hold false illusions of being able to save every life, but if I can change life for one then I’ve done something that truly matters.


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