MCAS Fosters Ready For Forever Homes.

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Cocoa, Spice & Nutmeg

Yesterday I went to pick up these three adorable kittens from a wonderful woman who loved them very much but just couldn’t keep them.  She had actually bottle fed them from little kits so you can imagine the attachment she held to these babies. In hopes of finding them good homes she had taken to sitting in her truck with a “Free Kittens” sign and I, seeing far to much I guess, just cringed in worry of where they might end up.  So Cocoa (black girl), Spice (Brown Tabby girl in middle), and Nutmeg (Brown tabby boy on right) came to visit L.F.R.A.

All three are in wonderful health, Cocoa does have a bit of unique eye shape as you will see in pictures, but nothing to cause issue or hamper her vision.  They are extremely sweet and once over their confusion of the situation were full or purrs and headbutts.  They were born on Sept. 15th which makes them around 3 months old and will make their forever families very happy as they are just the sweetest little things.


I would like to introduce you to Oscar.  Oscar is a big (try 21 lbs big) older kitty (part teddy bear) that is displaying signs which lead question to issues with his vision.  He had stopped eating, drinking and maintaining himself after his previous owners gave up on him, for whatever their reason and now is part of the pack to see if we can get him turned around and into just the right home for the sweet old guy.

This is little Breanna AKA Foxy and how she looked the night she was picked up from the shelter.  She was literally skin and bones and had little will to live. 


This is little Foxy now, slowly making headway on gaining weight back and showing so much more energy and enjoyment of life.

It’s still a lot of road ahead of us, it takes feeding every 2 hours over a 24 hour period to make sure she is getting the proper nutrition levels she needs at this point.  But for her it’s worth it.

Five Little Kitties Ready For Forever Homes


Callie hopes for a home for the holidays.

Abby is waiting for her Christmas Angel.

Binks needs someone to love him.

Dash would love some kids to play with.