Delta’s First Vet Visit

Delta had her first vet checkup today. It was determined that she has a ulcerated cornea in her left eye but there is still vision in the eye.  She was given eye drops and a hope that it will clear up the ulcer and infection allowing her vision to return to near if not normal.  The only concern is it potentially going the opposite way and her losing vision or the eye completely. I’m staying optimistic.  Her skin scrapings also showed no signs of mange (woot!!), but her poor skin highly likely to be result of a lot of prior neglect.  It’s ok Delta, we will get you to be the beauty queen you deserve to be soon.


Little Delta

This is Delta.  I picked her up as a foster today, the poor thing was so covered in mats, grime and fleas.  She’s a older poodle, blind in one eye and very limited vision in other but a absolute sweetheart.  Even going through the long process of clipping and bathing she was a pillar of patience.   I was saddened to see  the condition of her skin under all that mess but skin can heal and hair can grow, she’ll be a beautiful dog again.

Getting Love. 






Breakout Pic!!

Sia Hugs.

Remember Sia? Sia was a feral tom that took me forever to capture.  He came with some pretty nasty neck wounds and was very thin.   It has been a long road with Sia, more then needing healing for his wounds he needed mental healing. 

It is with great happiness I am proud to say it seems the end of that chapter is coming to a close.  Sia has gone from a cat who was afraid of everyone to the most amazing hugger.  He wraps his paws around your neck and squeezes tightly as if not ever wanting to let go.

There is still a little work to do with him yet, but I am confident soon he will be a suitable candidate for adoption to his forever home.  I will admit, when that day comes I will miss these amazing hugs.

ADOPTED!!! A very wonderful elderly woman who was seeking a companion has decided to take Sia and work with his final progress.  I’m so excited for both of them, he’s got plenty of hugs to share with her.

It’s a Banjo!

This little guy was picked up as a stray and taken to a local shelter. He came home with me  today as a foster. He’s barely 5 lbs, covered in fleas and sore, lacking hair, skin and bones, shaking and quivering in fear while stinking to high heavens in back of the cage.  He’s been washed, flea combed, given a rub down to help stop his itches and pigged out on chicken.  Now he’s nestled up on my lap taking a finally peaceful snooze.

He’s just a charmer when he relaxes and lets his personality show and full of kisses.



Milo’s Got A New Home & Nermol Is Looking For His Forever Home.


Meet Little Nermol, he’s looking for his forever home.   Nermol previously Cracker of the 4th of July kittens is now 3 1/2 months old and ready for his forever home.  I won’t lie, he’s a spitfire filled with energy.

On a plus note, little Milo has finally found her forever home with a wonderful woman who I am sure will love her to pieces.

Halloween Kittens

These two little sweethearts came to LFRA yesterday.  I had concern with the size and development of the smaller one from start as I was informed they were from the same litter.  While I am certain this was assumed to be accurate, upon being able to get the kittens home and evaluate their conditions it became more then evident that they are not.  The smaller grey is at least two weeks different in age from the older tabby.  No the grey is not deceased in the picture, he would not remove his nose from trying to nurse.

The little girl however is all gusto and run. Getting her to sit still for a picture was near impossible. Once given freedom to travel, she was all for it as fast as her stubby legs would let her.

Miss Sandy Protests Bath Time.

It started so simple…with a “Hi, Mom” from our little darling who is making more and more leaps and bounds in the hair regrowth now that the nasty mange has gone away.  Then, I said -the words- “Bath time”. The following pictures are her typical reaction every time. It cracks me up, she’s such a ham. Needless to say it didn’t work, she still got her bath.