Sia Hugs.

Remember Sia? Sia was a feral tom that took me forever to capture.  He came with some pretty nasty neck wounds and was very thin.   It has been a long road with Sia, more then needing healing for his wounds he needed mental healing. 

It is with great happiness I am proud to say it seems the end of that chapter is coming to a close.  Sia has gone from a cat who was afraid of everyone to the most amazing hugger.  He wraps his paws around your neck and squeezes tightly as if not ever wanting to let go.

There is still a little work to do with him yet, but I am confident soon he will be a suitable candidate for adoption to his forever home.  I will admit, when that day comes I will miss these amazing hugs.

ADOPTED!!! A very wonderful elderly woman who was seeking a companion has decided to take Sia and work with his final progress.  I’m so excited for both of them, he’s got plenty of hugs to share with her.


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