The Scars That Heal.

It’s almost impossible at times to believe this is the same little kitten that came to me with his brother and sister during the wildfires last summer.  He was in trouble but held a great will to live.  He ate with gusto as if it was his last meal, pulling the syringe down faster then I could push it.  He ignored pain to be held and swaddled on my lap….at all times….he still hasn’t let go of this needing to be with me.  I never have heard a kitten with such a loud purr as he held, his little body would shake and vibrate to where he couldn’t even hold himself upright under the force of it, he still purrs just as loudly today…constantly.

It was his cry that actually saved him, it was believed there was only two kittens until he let out this ear piercing cry and was found a bit away from his brother and sister where he had either crawled or his mother had dropped him. This cry has been repeated many times since when he is hungry or unsure where I went off to and can’t find me.

In time he got his name…Mugwi, though it got shorted to a much more fitting “Mug”.   Mug was suppose to go with his brother and sister to a forever home, but instead I think he found it and latched on to it hard….he will be staying with me, and I’m more then content with that.


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