Ready for Forever Homes.

Kitkat – 3 years old – Kitkat came as a “feral” stray. She’s extremely affectionate but has repeatedly been overlooked for finding her forever home as she’s not a “pretty” cat, or so she’s been told a time or two by strangers.  Her coloring is white with golden blazes on her nose, forehead, ears and tail and as you can see, she has beautiful blue eyes.  Kitkat does hold some mild vision issues that don’t slow her down in the slightest.  You really wouldn’t know she had them as well as she’s a expert jumper, especially into laps.  She loves people, and she loves dogs and has been caught more then once trying to “cuddle” and “nurse” with a two of the dogs here.

Nala – 1  year – Nala came as a “bottle baby” with her big brother but stayed long after he was adopted due to having a very rough time of things.  Nala was very sick when she was found and not given much chance at survival.  She required tube feedings far longer then she should have needed them.  She had a series of upper respiratory infections and eye infections that did not want to go away and everything combined ended up stunting growth.  While she’s now eating fine on her own and has been illness free for five months now, her growth still has been affected.  She’s around the size of a 6 month old kitten and will remain this large. She’s not a overly affectionate cat but does appreciate petting and affection given to her and tolerates being hauled around by my children.

Tig – 10 months – Tig is one of the “Tri-County Wildfire” victims.  He came along with his brother and sister covered in burns, scorched fur, suffering smoke inhalation and near death.  But he, as them, refused to give up and so did I.  It was a long road but little by little they recovered.  Unfortunately Tig, along with his siblings did suffer more then a few scars from the fire as they all have issue with their sinus cavity that makes them highly susceptible to sinus infections.  Tig is a very social cat, he loves to be petted, sit on your lap and given hugs and kisses.  He thanks you in some loud purrs and headbutts.  He’s been hard to find a forever home for however, due to his sinus issues.

Smoke – 1 1/2 years –  Smokes story can be found in this blog under “The Cat Who Couldn’t Be Touched.”.   She’s come such a long way she’s now ready for her own forever home who can understand she has -limits – to her acceptance of being shown affection which isn’t set on her terms.  Unfortunately, her bashfulness has turned more then one eye away from giving this beautiful cat a home of her own.

CoralADOPTED! – 6 months –  Coral came to me as one of the “Hoarder Bottle Babies”.  She’s thrived and is going to be a very big cat.  She dwarves the other kittens born 2 weeks after her. She’s a bundle of energy and always wants to just go but with that energy is also a lot of love which she dishes out in abundance.  She will never be a lap cat, but if you want a cat that’s full of play…Coral has perfected the art of that. Coral still has not found her forever home, she’s been overlooked for the ‘fluffier’ ones or the calmer ones but she’s got so much to give if someone would just give her the chance.

GatsbyADOPTED! 3 months – Gatsby and his sister Milo were another part of the “Hoarder Bottle Babies”.  Gatsby and his sister were actually adopted, but returned after the boyfriend decided he didn’t like cats.  So now they are looking for forever homes again.

Milo – ADOPTED!!  6 months – This is Milo, she’s a charmer and a snuggler.  Unfortunately Milo thought she and her brother Gatsby had forever homes, but were turned away and returned to me after a boyfriend decided he didn’t like cats.  She’s looking for a forever home that will take her unconditionally and give her all the love and affection she deserves.

Lil’MouseADOPTED! – 5 months – Lil’Mouse is tiny.  She was the runt of the “Hoarder Bottle Babies” and has not done much growing except for her eyes which are just huge.  She always has this scared expression to her even though she’s the most outgoing of the lot and explores everything.  She loves affection and to cuddle with you on the pillow in bed.  Tummy rubs are her favorite and she will stretch full out to make sure you get every inch.  Lil’Mouse needs a loving home who won’t mind her small stature and big personality.


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