A Gap In The Animal Care Community?

I’ve been watching for a while and I’ve noticed something I found interesting I’d like to take a moment to touch on.  This subject I speak of seems to be a gap in the pet rescue system.   So often we see the posts stating about an animal in need, be it sitting in it’s last day(s) at a local rescue, or abandoned to the streets.  Pleading cries for help to get the animal to safety fill posts on Facebook until the animal is rescued by a caring person, a foster finding in their heart room in their already full homes, or a rescue who’s filled to the brim but decides to take in, just one more.  But it is here that the noticeable gap starts.

Once rescued, the animal falls to the wayside.  Yes, it’s safe, it’s fed, it’s being medically treated in some cases, it’s got hope, but it doesn’t yet have a home.   This gap leaves me to wonder how many more unfortunate animals are being forced to be overlooked because that grapevine support system that was so effective at getting them out of the shelter and off the streets has vanished before all the steps for his or her finding a loving family were taken.

That system, which reached out to potentially thousands upon thousands of homes, becomes reduced drastically.  Calls for aid do not carry over for such things as aid for medical expenses (including spay/neutering to reduce so many abandoned pets) in most cases.  Fundraising efforts are left to the individual rescues, fosters or good Samaritans who found it in the kindness of theirs hearts to save the animal in need.  In cases of smaller rescues, newer rescues, or simply individuals these efforts are often difficult and they, more often then not, end up paying from their own personal funds.

Many smaller shelters or individuals find it beyond frustrating as they call the larger rescues who already have established a place (Petsmart Adoption Days), or following, only to be greeted with a locked door when asked if they might have help finding their foster a home so long as they keep the pet, foster it in their home, care for it and pay for all it’s need.

I can only wonder what would occur if we all, rather then being content with the animals being rescued, continued to drive forward with efforts until our contentment was not found until the animal was healthy and found a place in a forever home.

As such and seeing and experiencing this gap personally.  L.F.R.A. will work hard with any calls to aid it requests, or times it sees smaller rescues or individuals stepping forward to help a live, to not fall into the contentment gap at time of the rescue, but to advocate for the continued care and well being of the animal until such time as a forever home is found.  I can only hope others will follow me in such belief and policies.


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