Working Hard.

We had a busy morning, first Dune and Sandy went out with Buddy to help me tend to the Miss Frizz (the goat) and the chicken bunch, then he had to supervise as Sandy got her treatment rub down for her mange.  Therapy came next on Dune’s injured foot before he finally, and much to his delight, was allowed to chase Buddy (my other limpy pup) through the house while they played chase the ball.

Now he’s contently back in his comfy spot at my feet while I do my daily data entry work.  He actually deliberately positions in his position (I’ve tried moving him, he just goes right back) around the leg of the desk so he can rest his back feet on a hot pad and so one touches my foot which I find absolutely charming.

It’s a rough life I tell you, getting to sleep and play the day away.


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