Buddy “The Culvert Puppy” Update.

For those who remember the story of Buddy our little Culvert Puppy, here is how Buddy looks today.

The Day Buddy Came.

Not only has he put on weight, hair has grown back over the area where it and first layer of skin shed off his back, but he is walking and running.  He still has a limp and always will on his front left leg (so glad I didn’t listen to the vet telling me to amputate it), but he is using it.  He still gets daily therapy to continue to improve range of motion and to try to counter the atrophied muscles in his hip region on that side but he’s, in my opinion, made some great leaps forward.

He’s proven himself a quick study as he’s learned the basic commands, housebroke quickly and has just turned into a playful, loveable pup.  He loves to hog the bed, chase his tennis balls, chew his chew toys and help tend to the “farm” chores where he gets to spend time with his friends the chickens and goat.  Buddy is a rescue failure, after the loss of one of our own dogs we decided to adopt Buddy as our own and so he will be our forever dog, but I am so proud of how far he has come. 


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