A Early Morning Smelly Rescue. *Moved from Prior Blog*

It’s been an exciting day to say least.  After dropping off goodies for a kids party I was driving home with daughter in back when I decided I REALLY needed a cup of coffee and she was whining about a doughnut.

Reluctantly I stopped at a gas station to pick up both and perhaps it was by fate that I did take the time to pause.  Returning home I had just pulled onto our road when I seen a small black dog crossing traffic, head hung down and walking slowly, unfortunately the dog got hit and the impact tossed it to the shoulder where it got up whimpering and stumbled away to a drain ditch under a nearby driveway.

I stopped the vehicle and got down by the culvert. I could see the dog but couldn’t reach it, and it was refusing to come closer not even with prompting of a doughnut.   The other end of the culvert was sealed so the young dog had itself a perfect little cave, but the dog was far to young to survive alone and from what I could see in horrible shape.  Not only was wounds visible on it but there was nothing left to the poor creature but skin over bones.  Honestly I would not have given it a week on it’s own.

I phoned animal control and was told they would bring out a pole and get the dog.  I had already made up my mind I was -not- letting them take the dog. It took them almost three hours to show up but thankfully the dog was still in the culvert and not moving other then to stare at us.  I’ll skip the details of the rescue, but eventually the dog was brought out and in seconds after the terrified state went away and I had picked it up he was all tongue.

He stunk, oh boy did he stink, like dead things and sewer and…who knows what else.  By this point, so did I…so home we went for a bath and first evaluation of the situation.  I already knew some damage had been done to the back half just from watching him struggle to walk across the road and then into the culvert.

The first thing I noted was the dehydration/emancipation level of the pup.  Pictures do not do it justice but there was no body fat left.  In areas such as the head, con-caved sections were visible around the temple further echoing the severity of the state.

Next most noticeable were the injuries. There were old scabs over wounds, some filled with infection. Other wounds were fresh, open and bleeding.  Bite marks could be found around the throat, neck , head, face, stomach and leg regions.  It was covered in fly bites, red ant bites and riddled with fleas. One paw pad was ripped up and most likely due to the vehicle strike sending him sailing across the asphalt.  On top of all this was the lack of the pups willingness to walk.  When he did it was with a heavy limping on the left front leg and with a swaying weakness to his back extremities.

I truly don’t know at this point if the pup will fully recover proper use and strength in his back legs but I will work with him and do therapy to give him the best chance.

It’s going to be a long road for a while.  Weight needs to be gotten up, infections cured, wounds healed, flea infestation treated and a lot of baths to sooth wounds, the bites and remove the layers of grime off the poor animal.  There will need to be therapy and general comfort zone and confidence building once more.

But we will make it, no longer lost and rejected but instead safe and loved, given the name Butterscotch (since then nickname of Buddy applied) and a pink princess blanket to lounge and recover in. 



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