Not Just Fur Friends Around Here.

Meet Tully, the resident turtle who supervises everyday going on’s.

Tully was thrown out of a car a little over a  year ago onto the road in front of us.  The poor guy landed on his shell upside down and was spinning on the concrete like a cartoon character.  Thankfully he did not suffer any shell damage but had shell issues due to a bad diet.  His shell has been made wonderful improvements through adding vitamins to his earthworms and meal worms which are his food of choice, oh and strawberries, he LOVES strawberries.

Our other supervisor is Miss RedFang.

RedFang is a pet store rescue.  I’ll be first to admit I am not a spider lover but her being so large makes me more comfortable with her then those little spindly legged ones.  RedFang is a pet store reject, but she has a place in our house and our hearts.


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