Sandy & Dune: Day 2 Update

Sandy and Dune are doing great this morning.  Both had their breakfasts and got spoiled a little with some boiled chicken treat after the humiliation of being bathed again.

Dune is alright with the bathing and I’m glad to announce the majority of the fleas are gone from him.  Sandy however is another story. She -really- does not the whole bathing process and if you give her the slightest chance she’s out of the wash tub.  Sandy still has some lingering fleas which shocks me seeing as the poor dog has so little hair.  I was pleased to finally see fresh pink flesh along her sides and back today after washing a lot of the crud off her.

I also took updated pictures of Dune’s back foot after cleaning.  It looks worse in the pictures but actually it is what the foot looks like after you remove all the layers of dirt and infection.  As you can see the poor pup worked the flesh right off to the bone beneath.  It has been dressed once more and had a stocking put over it to avoid further friction injury to the flesh.

Sandy and I took a walk around the yard though she sure was glad when she got to come back inside.  Dune I’ve restricted to just the back pen region to relieve himself and come back inside.

I did also witness Dune “burying” his food in his bed comforter.  He will eat a small amount and then attempt to bury the rest.  I am hoping in time he doesn’t feel the need to “save until later” fearful that he might not see another meal.

I’ll keep you up to date on their recovery, but right now it’s pretty much small steps day by day to get there.


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