Operation “Cozy Comfort”.

L.F.R.A. will be starting “Operation Cozy Comfort” this week.  It is our hope to be able to get enough donations of  well worn/torn blankets, bedding and bath towels to allow them to be distributed to rescues and shelters for the fur babies to cuddle in.

L.F.R.A.’s mission is to contact local hotels, motels, spas and other establishments who use and require fresh linen’s.  It is our hope to establish a donation program where their old linens, rather then being thrown out, can be donated to be distributed to rescues, shelters, and caring individual personal rescue groups to be given new life granting comfort to the scared and needy animals there.  We are also hopeful to get a well enough reception to these donations to allow for turning some into stuffy cuddle critters for those animals who need a little stuffed toy at their side.

A list of those Businesses who step forward and offer donations will be posted and up-kept in this post as a public thank you for their support and compassion for the furbabies of our Community.


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