Dune & Sandy “The Sand Pit Pups.”

A Facebook post caught my attention today asking for help for two pup’s who were discarded and living in a sand pit near Houston.  The little foxy face stole my heart and I knew I had to help.  Getting efforts coordinated in quick order thanks to the Volunteer who took her own time and efforts to keep them fed and cared for until someone would take them in, the rescue went without a hitch and soon the two pups were on their way to my home.  My children already had decided on names for them before ever setting eye on the pups.  The small golden would be named Sandy and the Brindle would be known as Dune.  They seemed fitting names given the situation they were rescued from. 

This is a picture of the site they were rescued from. Discarded just to survive on their own.  Unfortunately there was a third older dog there as well, but I was not able to take her and hope another good hearted soul steps forth and gives her safety and love as well.

This was no place for dogs to survive much less puppies and unfortunately Dune suffered a serious injury from these living conditions.

This is Dune getting ready for his first bath.  He was so amazingly patient the entire time you would think he was a natural at it rather then it being first time.  I removed hundreds of fleas off this poor pup and that is an understatement.  I’ve seen bad flea infestations but these two pups had close to the worst I’ve ever seen.

I mentioned that Dune suffered a serious injury as result of his living conditions and this is the result of it.  He has no use of his left back leg and drags it behind him on the ground.  This has caused him not only to lose flesh to the bone which is exposed, but also has separated the foot bone from both the middle toe bones which are just lose in the skin.  Unfortunately I believe there is no saving of this foot and it will need to be amputated.

This is little Sandy before her bath.  She isn’t such a lover of water as her “brother”.  She finally did relax to the bath and allowed me to remove the hundreds of fleas that infested what little hair she had as well.  They were so bad they were crawling out of her ears.  Her hair is so sparse and just in patches and her flesh is open bleeding sores in many parts.

All cleaned and with Dune having his injured foot wrapped and secured in stocking to prevent further friction injury the two pups are now relaxing in their crate in kitchen on a thick comforter where they can get accustom to the new sights, sounds and surroundings with less stress.


5 responses to “Dune & Sandy “The Sand Pit Pups.”

  1. You are amazing Suzanne & I can never thank or repay you enough for helping me with these babies.They have a place forever in my heart.I know they will do well & find furever homes one day.

  2. Bless you Suzanne for getting there and helping these babies. My poor friend Misty can sleep now. Thanks for all you did and are doing for them!

  3. I will do my very best by them, in that I promise. Now the fun part begins, trying to link their story and gather donations for their medical care with main focus on the poor one that will need his leg amputated most likely. Yet where there is will there is way and these fur babies need the care.

  4. I’m curious what part of town this sandpit is located? Has this been a continuous problem at this sandpit? I’d like more information — the reason being is my father owns several pits due to his nature of business (dirt work/excavation) and we’ve dealt with similar problems of animals being dumped and left for dead out there.

    Didn’t know if this was someone’s property of whom we might know. You can email me back if you’d like rather than posting on this page.

    • Misty would be better to answer that then myself as she monitors the location. But it is my understanding that this is a location which has seen many problems of unwanted pets being discarded there. I emailed you with a better idea of location and should you find any such problems on your own lots, please contact me so I might start trying to get help for them and get them to safety. Thanks.

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