Shi (sigh), a full grown male cat, is the most recent intake to L.F.R.A.

I’ve known Shi for a while, he had been taking up residency in a abandoned house in the neighborhood along with several others.  They were being fed by several caring individuals, but it was decided the remaining cats would be captured, rehabilitated and re-homed.  Shi was one of the last cats to be taken from this location, he was highly skilled at avoided all attempts at capture and kept his distance from humans.  During this time it was also apparent he was not faring well.  The obvious signs of strain of a male cat being on his own for some time and needing to fight to defend his home were present along with quite a rapid lost weight, infected wounds on his throat as well as an abscess behind one ear and another at side of his jaw. It was pretty obvious that using a live trap with him was not going to be an option and so began the long routine of going early morning and then in evening to the location and set out food and then wait, working to gradually win his trust enough to allow me to physically pick him up and bring him to a safer environment.   Slowly Shi had become less fearful and would come, still keeping distance to get his food.  It began with allowing slow touching to top of his head and ears as he ate but any further movement sent him running. Tonight I finally had reached point I was able to not only touch him but bring him up into my lap and into a towel which I could wrap him in and bring him to the waiting transport crate.

Upon bringing him home I was able to treat his open wounds and he did allow me to lance his abscess behind his ear as well as one on his jaw to allow for drainage and healing. He has been given a good meal and some antibiotics for the infection and now is just getting to rest for the night. 

I am hoping he makes a good recovery and adaption to being an inside cat.  He really seems to want the attention and affection of a human touch but is fearful, for whatever reason, to give in and relax to it.


Shi is NOT available for Adoption at this time and is in rehab and rehabilitation.


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