Smoke – The Cat That Couldn’t Be Touched.

Smoke is finally ready for adoption into a forever home that can be patient and understanding with her.


The Cat That Couldn’t Be Touched! That’s what they called her.  She was considered a wild cat, a feral cat and “unadoptable” due to this.  No one would give a second look to an animal that was so scared, so terrified of everything even walking by the cage resulting in hissing, cowering, and at times voiding on oneself, more often then not these were the ones that got put to sleep.

A kind woman took her in saving her life, but she could not get near the frightened cat that sat huddled, hissing and wild eyed in the back of the cage.  She asked me to try, I said I would…and so began the adventure.

She was a very pretty grey tabby under two years of age.  She didn’t adapt easily, the entire thought of humans terrified her and she sat in the comfort of her cage hissing and clawing anything that entered her space.  In time she allowed those intrusions, and eventually found the bravery to step outside of her cage to immediately make it to the safety of the underpart of a recliner.  From here she would only appear late at night when she believed everyone sleeping for food and water.

One day, she allowed for a hand to stroke her, some time later she allowed for loving hands to lift her up off the ground briefly, but the real shock came the day when I sat working at my computer and I felt a paw, then another on my leg and before I knew it Smoke was fully in my lap wanting attention. The Cat That Couldn’t Be Touched got cuddles and pets until she decided she was content and hopped back down.


Smokey’s Update

While Smoke has made amazing progress and has come to accept being near humans and touched by them she still is very reserved when it comes to affection.  She is not what I would classify a lap cat, while she does like to be around you she prefers her space unless contact is made on her terms.

She is estimated to be about two years of age and it is believed she has had at least one litter of kittens at some point.

The best home for her would be one who can understand she is not an affectionate cuddle cat unless it is on her terms and at her time.  This would need to be accepted, and her owners willing to offer her this part of her comfort level.


Wish To Adopt Smoke? Please Read First.        ADOPTIONS




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