As I am posting this I am seething inside.  Yesterday involved another kitten rescue, which while it should have been typical, uncovered what I can only classify as insanity.

A local woman wished to find a house for five kittens which she claimed she just “didn’t have time for.”.  She also claimed these kittens were able to eat dry cat food, there was no possibly way.  She claimed they were all of the same batch which she had willingly taken from the mother at birth because she “always wanted bottle babies”.  One litter is at most four weeks of age, the second is two weeks. She also stated there was originally eight, however three of them had already perished and five remained.  So, it appears she did this twice to two different mother cats.

The kittens were not in best of shape, covered in grime, feces, eyes glued shut and empty bellies.  She informed me she believed two of them had a slight “infection” but she didn’t know why and had been treating it, or so she claimed. One from older litter did have an abnormally swollen toe covered in layers of crust,  one from the second litter had a heavily crusted tail and both carried a smell of infection.  I brought them home.

Giving them suitable formula, baths, treating their eyes, and doing some work on the tail and foot to remove some of the layers of grime, drain some of the puss and apply topical antibiotics, I left them to rest.

Today I went to work once more on the tail and toe region. As I worked off the layers of scabs and was once more draining the puss I noticed what looked like thread coming out of the swollen area. Further exploration resulted in me removing a tightly wrapped thread from around the toe of the kitten between the nail and the foot itself.  I wish I could say the horrors ended here, but they did not.  Checking the second kitten who had the issue with his tail I found a similar thread wound tightly around it.  Both threads had been there for some time as “new” flesh and scabs were formed over and around them.

If you look closely at the picture of the tail you can see the indentations where the thread was wrapped.  I can not even begin to imagine any reason for this and I am extremely certain the baby kittens did not do this to themselves.

I wish my story ended here, but it doesn’t.  I receive a phone call from this lady, (before I had found the thread) and she announced she had a litter of a few day old Yorkie pups she wants to find someone to take care of because they are also “to much work as she has a new baby.”.  This time she wants to meet at her house and I am both glad and dishearten I agreed to it.  Thankfully there was another lady from a local rescue willing to take the puppies so I only needed to go pick them up.

The smell…that greeted me as soon as I stepped outside of my vehicle should have been warning.  I was hit with a wall of what smelled like old, rotten, rancid meat.  This smell did not improve as I walked to the front door.  The lady greeted me and invited me inside and it was all I could do to keep my stomach from lurching.  I won’t go into detail but …it was bad and I honestly regret I did not bring a camera.

Almost as soon as I stepped inside I was greeted by two large black Great Danes.  The woman proceeded to inform me that she had just picked them up this morning.  This set odd with me as the woman was wanting to get rid of these bottle baby kittens and bottle baby puppies, yet she just acquired two Danes this morning?  She lead me into the living room where the puppies were being kept and there I was greeted by a little Dachshund.  Once more she informed me that she had just gotten that dog yesterday.  To say my red flags had gone up is an understatement.

The strangeness did not even end there.  While examining the puppies the lady began chatting about how she tried to sell the animals on various sites for a couple hundred of dollars, but how she had gotten no buyers for bottle fed babies.  I at this point politely thanked her for the contact for the puppies and removed myself from the residence.

Immediately after I contacted the rescue group and requested them to check into this situation. The whole thing seemed very strange to me and while I never found the cause of the odor, I am certain I did not want to find it either.


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